Professional Carrier

He provided system engineering and administrative consulting services to several firms. He designed, applied and oversaw restructuring, revitalizing institutional management practices and sustainability projects for companies. He also provided consulting services to the multi-national corporations for their international trade agreements; buying - selling their stocks and shares. He carried out all of his responsibilities within a team spirit.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

After quitting Galatasaray Sports Club, he started to work as a consultant for the President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Rector of Istanbul Commerce University. He has contributed to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which is among the top 5 professional organizations throughout the world, in the fields of education and social services. He produced and directed social and sportive projects.

International Sports Organizations

He attended the International Gymnastics Federation’s general assemblies as the delegate of Turkish Gymnastics Federation. He was appointed as the General Coordinator of the Mediterranean Gymnastics Confederation. He worked on gymnastics’ reaching more people and increasing the value of the trademark. He directed international relations, strategy management, election campaigns and lobbying for Turkish Gymnastics Federation.

Professional Basketball Player

He started playing in the school team as he continued his education at St. Joseph French High School for Boys. He started his professional basketball career as a player at Taçspor Club. Shortly after was he drafted by the Turkish National Team he was transferred to Galatasaray Club. He wore the National Team’s jersey 43 times and played in the professional league for 8 seasons. He won 4 championships. His career as a basketball player ended due to his injury at the age of 24.

Systems of Sports Education

Resigning from his professional basketball player career, he founded Cihat Levent Basketball Schools; Armada Sports Club and Yenilmez Armada Sports Organization Company. He worked hard to foster more than 40 thousand young people to love sports. Not only did he prepare the rookie athletes for the professional leagues, but also his aim was to train coaches, referees and managers serving the sports sector throughout their professional career. Even if these young people did not choose sports as a profession, he contributed in them being decent sports fans, understanding sports sprit, being the loyal followers of sport events and encouraging their children to do sports in the future.

Professional Club Management Systems

Upon his basketball schools and company signing a contract with Galatasaray Sports Club, he trained thousands of youths by his swimming, basketball and volleyball schools in 9 cities and 17 branches in Turkey. He was promoted as the basketball branch General Manager and Coordination Committee Member at Galatasaray Sports Club. He worked in the fields of professional sports club management, marketing, advertising, finance, sponsorships and barter agreements.

Professional Leagues Management Systems

He prepared new statutes and regulations in order to help junior basketball develop during his General Directorate of Sports Administration of Istanbul City Basketball Organization Committee Presidency period. He brought a new operational system. He wrote his master’s degree thesis on the subject “Management of Istanbul Junior Basketball Leagues in the Format of Business Administration”.

Olympic Spirit

He worked for the preparation of Turkish National Team gymnasts for the international competitions and Olympic Games. He had duty in 2012 London Olympics Games as a guest of International Gymnastics Federation. He was also the General Coordinator of the artistic gymnastics branch in 2011 European Youth Olympic Festival organization held in Trabzon, Turkey. He worked in the Strategic Plan Supervising Commission of the Turkish National Olympic Committee.

Social Responsibilities

He developed projects on rehabilitating physically and mentally handicapped people with the help of sports. He worked actively on guiding the young into sports and leading them physically and mentally healthy life. He formed Perpetual Friendship Eternal Rivalry Platform and Association, EDER, for the purpose of preventing violence, doping and rigging in sports.

Sports Policies

He researched and worked on setting-up contemporary, extensive and success focused system. He came up with projects for Turkish Sports' performance and administrative aspect to be known and understood in the international arena. He prepared sports policies in order to increase the love for sports and internalize the Olympic spirit among the public.


He wrote a book about death, game fixing and doping issues.